PremiumPadding LLC 
Quality & Comfort


•Made from Virgin raw materials.
•A layer of molded resilient flexible urethane foam is sandwiched between two sheets of plastic film, which creates a liquid barrier & prevents the pad from absorbing any liquids spilled on the carpet.
•Superior feel under feet to any other carpet pad, unmatched durability and cleanliness.

•Exceptional Luxury & Support Underfoot
•Dual Moisture & Dust Protection Barriers
•Life of the Carpet Warranty
•Improves Home Energy Efficiency
•Absorbs & Reduces Noise
•Exceeds CRI Indoor Air Quality Standards
•Engineered for Heavy Traffic & Longer Carpet Life
•Unmatched performance characteristics
•10% Recycled content

All Premium Padding products are treated with:

Pictured above are 2 samples of Carpet Cushion Foam.  The Sample on the left has been treated with Purista Antimicrobial protection for use in Infinity Premium Cushion.  The Sample on the Right has not been treated.